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Wind-up Jumping Pecker. Make 'em laugh with the Wacky Party Favor! He loves to Dance, he loves to Wi..
Ex Tax: $2.57
Forget about those cutesy little, yellow chicks or bunny rabbits that hop when you wind them up, we'..
Ex Tax: $2.57
Penis Water Gun - Water gun with a penis shaped shaft...
Ex Tax: $7.71
Head band with 2 dick antennae on springs...
Ex Tax: $3.84
Pecker nose glasses - Eyeglasses with a pecker for a nose...
Ex Tax: $3.84
Handwriting might be preferred to typing if you put one on your pencil!..
Ex Tax: $34.68
6 penis shaped mini candles. Perfect for a birthday cake...
Ex Tax: $5.15
Gag toothbrush with a pecker handle...
Ex Tax: $2.57
Far Left - 16oz Beige Dicky Sipper - 16oz sports bottle in the shape of a penis...
Ex Tax: $5.79
Pecker Shot glass - Ceramic shot glass with a penis shaped handle...
Ex Tax: $3.02
Large ceramic mug shaped like a boob and dispenses from the nipple. Holds approximately 6 ozs...
Ex Tax: $4.81
Large ceramic mug with a penis shaped handle...
Ex Tax: $7.06
One die describes a body part and the other die describes an action. Like boobs touch. Roll and th..
Ex Tax: $2.89
One die has a position and the other die has a location. Roll the dice and then do as it says. Die g..
Ex Tax: $4.49
Match the dice and do the deed to spice up your lovemaking...
Ex Tax: $4.49